Since I was a child I cultivated the love for art and design. It was something that for some reason was already in me. 

I carried out various works related to these areas; The most motivating and interesting memories were: 

* Fashion designer and production manager at INDIANI C.A. An important clothing and accessories firm in Caracas, Venezuela. 

* In charge of the Department of Design and apprentice of Glass Art in KINDERJUNGLE Glass Design Workshop. Caracas, Venezuela.

* Graphic Designer and Collaborator of the Department of Coordination at the Tina Modotti Cultural Center. Caracas, Venezuela.

In 2008 I received my degree in graphic design specialty in visual communication. In Caracas, Venezuela (Yes, I'm from there) 

Since 2009 I live in Italy. I am currently working on some personal projects and as a freelance graphic designer.