Colors affect your brand, because colors affect how we feel


This is a small guide to the psychology of each color, so you can choose better the colors that will represent your business:

Yellow: The psychology of the yellow color symbolizes happiness, fun and sympathy. This is because it is the color that reminds us of sunlight and that is why it stimulates our mind, body and emotions.

Meaning of youth and optimism. Increase affection and joy. It brings you closer to communication. Stimulates the nervous system and mental processes.

Red: Without doubt one of the most intense colors on an emotional level. Elevates and heart rate. Increase appetite Increase intensity and passion. It evokes intense emotions.

It is a lively, powerful, aggressive, striking color. It is sometimes associated with love, sometimes with sex, sometimes with blood, sometimes with meat, with food. It is, therefore, a color that calls our most instinctive part, which is why it is so effective in advertising.

Orange: It is a very vital color associated with youth and fun.

The brands that use this color transmit a fun, cheerful, carefree attitude with a youthful approach.

Reliable, cheerful and friendly. Warmth It reflects the enthusiasm and the emotion.

Blue: One of the emotions that most awakens the blue color is trust. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is a color of the banking and health sector.

Color non invasive and productive, many companies use it.

Peace and water It is known as cold color. Increase productivity

Low appetite. It reflects serenity and calmness.

Violet: The purple color symbolizes ambiguity because it is the result of the combination of red and blue, of masculine and feminine; hence, it is a relaxing color that transmits great spiritual strength and sensitivity. It reflects the creativity of the brand, it knew what it turns out to be and what is imaginative. Used to appease and calm. It is used in anti-aging and beauty products.

Green: Reflects nature, freshness, growth. Relieve depression It reflects the money. It is associated with tranquility and health.

Pink: the pink is, without doubt, the color that is most linked with delicacy and fantasy. Represents sweetness, innocence, delicacy, femininity. Therefore, this color has become culturally associated with brands whose final audience is the female.

White: The color of purity par excellence. It represents cleanliness, tranquility, peace, neatness.

Black: Represents authority, elegance, formality, strength

Adriana Lashley