Venezuelan Artist Italy Based

Adriana Lashley (Caracas 1983) is an emerging artist born in Venezuela and based in Italy.

When she was five years old, her uncle gave her a children’s art book inspired by Joan Miró, and her sister one inspired by Pablo Picasso. Her fascination for these books definitely marked the course of her life, leading her to start painting and the arts from an early age. 

After graduating and receiving her diploma as a Graphic Designer she went to live in Italy. She conducted various in-depth studies in her areas (Art and Design) thanks to the California Institute of The Arts and the  MoMA NYC.

She currently lives and promotes her art in Italy and the rest of the world.




California Institute of the Arts - Imagemaking. 2019

MoMA NYC - Fashion as Design. 2018

Darias Institute of Design - Graphic Design Degree. 2008


Solo exhibition

  • Solo Show / 3D Virtual Exhibition - Piedmont, Italy. 2021

  • Koncept Art, Paintings, Music and Poetry. / La Castellana - Caracas, Venezuela. 2005


Group exhibitions


  • In Sync / 3D Virtual exhibition by Hansford And Sons Fine Art - London, United Kingdom. 2021

  • Las Formas del Verbo / Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofia Imber - Caracas, Venezuela. 2008

  • Guayoyo Design & Art / Kinderjungle Glass Art / Museo de Bellas Artes - Caracas, Venezuela. 2007